People choose us because we provide more than just a fireplace.

Choosing to install a new fireplace is a huge commitment, and one that requires great design and planning. It will be a focal point for friends and family for years to come. Milwaukee and the surrounding areas enjoy our full-service fireplace design and installation options. We come to your home, at no extra charge, and work with you to find the right fireplace to help complete your home’s look and feel.

Here are a few more reasons why, for 30 years, Fireplace Construction has created the service Milwaukee loves:

We take pride in our craftsmanship. Blending quality and innovation has long been our calling card.

You want choices, we’ll give you choices. Every home is different. Whether it’s a new or remodeled home, we can easily work within your parameters. We’ll present a full range of options that make sense in your home, and then help you decide which one is the ideal fit. We truly provide it all, including new Wood & Gas Fireplaces, Gas Inserts, Gas Logs, Entertainments Centers and any kind of stone, brick or tile work you can imagine.

We have over 30 years of experience under our belts. We’ve worked with a variety of new construction and remodeling companies on jobs of all sizes and shapes. We’re comfortable with any type of fireplace Milwaukee has to offer.

Restoration is a skill garnered over time, careful planning and research. We also have great expertise re-facing old or outdated fireplace facing, giving your old fireplace a dazzling new look.

We’re local! Proudly serving homeowners in the Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties, we can provide you with exceptional local service.

You want more than just a fireplace. Let’s not forget about our old friend, the chimney. We provide chimney repair and replacement with the same mark of craftsmanship and expertise as the fireplace.


I am writing regarding the demolition and reconstruction of my fireplace.

Enclosed are some before, during and after pictures I thought may be of use to you and your company.

I must admit I am completely satisfied with the outcome. As you can see from the pictures it truly made a difference in the appearance in the Living Room.

I want you to know that the two gentlemen that worked on the job were professionals. I am sorry to say I only know one of their names; Mr. Kent Felzien. They worked as a team not trying to outdo the other.

The job in total took three days. They arrived ready to work laying down plastic floor covering with some board where traffic would be heavy. From there they began tearing down the old, which I am sure was not an easy job in itself. Once that was completed the second phase began. During the process I was present and Kent answered my questions taking the time to explain it in a way I could understand.

One point I would like to mention. When it came time to cut the marble the men noticed that they did not have the diamond cut drill required to cut marble. So, instead of calling it a day, they worked on installing the gas line. As professionals, no time was wasted.

Last but not least, I would like to bring out how the two men laid the marble out on the floor, to match it up, to give it the appearance of one piece. All in all, as you can see from the after picture it all came together beautifully.

When it was all put together, Kent tested the gas, to ensure the line was working properly, and then went over the facts with me.

As mentioned before, I am very pleased with the outcome, and will be able to enjoy the fireplace for years to come.

Thank you, for helping turn an eye sore into something I am proud of today.


Dear Kent,
Enclosed is the balance owed on the work done on Blackhawk Drive. It was a pleasure to work with Fireplace Construction and I am certainly pleased with the results. Having sand blow in your face for two days is not fun and I appreciate the effort that it takes to tuckpoint a chimney, the right way!

Dan also did an excellent job in understanding what I wanted to have done and communicating that with your staff.

Thanks again for helping save and restore the boathouse chimney. WELL DONE!”


Dear Kent and Dan,
Our experience with Fireplace Construction was pleasant from beginning to end. You are truly professional craftsmen. We are very happy with the results and you are to be congratulated.

David & Kay Coffey

Thank you so much! The guys were great. So kind and patient with all of my questions / concerns. Please let them know they were appreciated.

Michele Boettcher