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Chimney Liners Wauwatosa

For chimney liners, Wauwatosa residents turn to Fireplace Construction. Chimney liners are crucial and we have been the experts on chimney liners in Wauwatosa for over 30 years. Our 30 years of [...]

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Tuckpointing Wauwatosa

For tuckpointing, Wauwatosa residents turn to Fireplace Construction. Tuckpointing is a practice that restores mortar joints between bricks. Tuckpointing gets rid of water intrusions, maintains structure and looks great. All of these [...]

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Gas Logs Wauwatosa

Beyond gas fireplaces, Fireplace Construction has gas logs for Wauwatosa residents. A gas fireplace is a fantastic investment for Wisconsinites and Fireplace Construction has been the gas log expert for Wauwatosa residents [...]

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Outdoor Fireplaces Wauwatosa

For outdoor fireplaces, Wauwatosa residents turn to Fireplace Construction. An outdoor fireplace is special way to get cozy and a fantastic investment for Wisconsinites. Fireplace Construction has been installing and repairing outdoor [...]

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Pellet Stoves Wauwatosa

When it comes to pellet stoves, Wauwatosa residents seeking a cure for the cold turn to Fireplace Construction. If you are looking for a constant flame with little maintenance then a pellet [...]

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