Pellet stoves are not only beautiful but they have numerous other advantages. These advantages include being low maintenance, safe and environmentally friendly.

Pellet stoves are low maintenance primarily because they can be filled with only a pull of the hopper and also only need to be filled once every day or so. In addition, pellet stoves don’t produce smoke which prevents an odor and dryness in your home.

As far as safety is concerned, pellet stoves create almost no heat on the outside of the stove. This allows pets and children to be close to the stove and also allows you to place the stove near other objects and the wall.

If the environment is one of your concerns, a pellet stove is perfect. The wood used is actually sawdust and shavings made from recycled wood. Also, the wood is low moisture and condensed which makes it very efficient. This means that less harmful gasses are released into your home.

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